Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | February 1, 2008

OK this is a space filler lol

I havent benn posting in awhile because, well, there was nothing to post about. But there is a new paper out today that says penguins are trying to save the Migrator. I think G is gonna hook him up with a sub or something.

WEll thats all I have to say. So OK BYE!


Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 25, 2008


Its really fun! I finished it! I can give U a walkthrough, if U want one. U finally get to see the polar bear!! FINALLY!! His name is……. Herbert. Come ON! herbert? Embarassing! 😆 Here is a screenshot.

flame-puff-extreme.jpgIf U dont know what the heck that is, let me just say Black puffle + Oberry with hot sauce = flaming black puffle comet of absolute chaotic hyperness. LOL now 2 of my CP dreams came true!

1. RH crashes

2. CP gets a villain

And a lot of my friends all quit CP right before all this cool stuff happened! How ironic is THAT? (Yes, kickecon, thechuggas, and miroos, I’m talkin to U.) So go do what secret agents do!


Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 18, 2008

Oh BTW new mission soon

IT has somethinf to do with a Crab Translator and should be here by next week. OK bye! FOR REAL THIS TIME!

Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 18, 2008

I wont post in a while

Im going on vacation. SO I wont be posting in like 3 days. and the Winter Fiesta-val has started and U can get free maracas. Other than that, its pretty suckish. SO that’s all. And sadly, I wont have time to make any Fiesta Funny pics. So all U fiesta fans, SORRY! OK bye (for 3 days)!


Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 17, 2008


Oh no! An iceberg slammed his ship and sunk it! poor migrator. I ALWAYS KNEW DISNEY WAS TRYING TO KILL HIM!!! 👿

omg-it-crashed.jpgWhat will we do now? What will happen to RH? I think all U people who wanna quit CP should hold yer horses, because This is the only catastrophe that CP has EVER had!

Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 14, 2008

Master Chief in Club Penguin

Here is my best edit yet! :mrgreen: for all U halo fans.

masta-chief.jpg U can use it, but give me the credit! and R2DP could U do me a favor and put this pic on your site? 🙂

Oh crap that reminds me the Christmas pics are not up yet! they are coming SOOOOOON! I promise!


Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 14, 2008

I changed the music again

I like experimenting with the music! If U hate it, fine! just let me know and I’ll change it back to Wipe out! Its okay, U can be honest! 😉


Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 12, 2008

all my penguins

This is an edit. (duh. it’s not like I have 6 computers.) It has all my penguins in it. Jaaksparrow, Coast 2coast, Anoyying, Attackgerbil, and, drumroll please……….. REMY MCSPAZZ!!!! I have 7 penguins but I forgot my password and they were on my  old email and I can’t get the password back. poor Wizz Chizzle and Agent Peng1.

gangs-all-here.jpg   AN EXCLUSIVE GLITCH: ur wondering how I have more than 5 penguins? I changed my email address and it let me have MORE PENGUINS!!! so try it! if U know how to change your email address. I forgot how. OK bye!


Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 11, 2008

new stage! I WAS RIGGGGHT!!!

IT IS a superhero play! go see it yourself, it’s AWESOME! 2 new dances: in full hero suit, wave to get a ball of power! have no clothes except for the camera, and wave to snap a pic! also the heart emote is back, but NOT THE SKULL!!!!! 👿 sure they bring back the mushy love sign but not the sign of pure hatred? HOW DARE THEY! THEY WILL SUFFER THE WRATH OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! well thats all I have to say on that. Here is a link to CP so U can check out the stage! OK bye!


Posted by: Remy McSpazz, yo | January 10, 2008

message to Grãtlòfåtîç

dude I really appericiate you coming to my site. Glad U like it! and are U a friend of R2DP? because I am! his site ROCKS! ANd sorry for not posting in awhile. I have had lots of homework. And Grãtlòfåtîç if U want a REAL penguin or a custom-made funny pic, go to the REAL U or PIC IDEAS pages. Glad 2 help! I hope U come to my site a lot and I will go to yours too! :mrgreen:


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